Golden Flat

Golden Flat

What is Golden Flat ?

Using GoldenFlat you will not forget to prepare your house essentials. Everyday before going home, just review your task list in GoldenFlat. Your partner or Automatic Scheduler have created some tasks for you.


Create House

You need to create your own house at first. You can have and manage many houses.


House Members

If you have a family and you want to manage your house with others, you need to send an invitation to each of them.


Create Sections

You need to create different sections for your house. Like Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and etc.


Create Items

For each section you need to create essentials. Like "Toilet Paper" inside Toilet section.


Task List

The "Task List" reminds you to prepare items for your house. Scheduler will create task for your house automatically.



Based on your action for each item in Task List you can have a report. For example, the budget of each section of your house.

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